You will fly with our expert, licenced pilot Ernesto Magaña, who has more than 7,800 hours of flight time! Ernesto ensures you will enjoy a safe, fun and exciting flight.

The Pilot

Ernesto Magaña has 29 years of flying experience and more than 7,800 hours of flight time. He was the first pilot to receive an Ultralight Airplane Pilot's License (No. 130-MEX-001) from the DGAC in Mexico.


He has covered more than 650 Hang Glider flights from mountain slopes, 130 ultralight aero towed hang glider flights, more than 1,200 boat towed, 450 hp fast speed boat towed hang glider flights with and without a passenger. Ample experience on slow-wing powered hang glider (26-55 mph) and fast wing powered hang glider (30-80 mph) flights.

Pilot Ernesto Magana
Pilot Ernesto Magana

The Ultralight Plane

Cabo Sky Tours uses Cosmos-La Mouette, winner of multiple Hang Glider and Airplane International Competitions, manufactured in France with the safest and most resistant materials in the world.

The pilot ensures that the Ultralight Plane is in perfect condition before each flight.

For more information about the Ultralight Plane visit: La Mouette