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Aerial Advertising

Cabo San Lucas Arch

Aerial Advertising from Cabo San Lucas to San José del Cabo and specific locations upon request.

For 20 years we have been flying banners for event and business promotion, marriage proposals, birthdays, personalised messages, and so much more.

We can create messages utilising 1.5 meters high red capital letters (25 characters maximum), or full color, computer generated, digital quality banners, such as business cards.

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Land's End Sky Tour: Smooth

Cabo San Lucas Arch

10 minute tour. 1 Passenger (under 200 pounds) $100-US. 1 Passenger (200-250 pounds) $120-US.

After take-off, the passenger will admire the astonishing view of Cabo San Luca's bay. We will start with the coast line of Mar de Cortés, enjoying the view of the hotels and their swimming pools, the big yachts at the Cabo San Lucas Marina, the dolphines at dolphinarium, the city center and Puerto Paraíso Mall. After, we will cross toward the Pacific Ocean, and from there we will see the residential area Pedregal and its great mansions. Then we will fly right above the rocky formations called "The end of the earth," where the two oceans meet. From there we will admire "Divorce Beach", "The Pirate's Cave", "Lover's Beach" and the famous "Arch" with its sea lions y seals lying upon it. During the trip there's the chance of discovering turtles, mantarays, sea lions, fish banks, dolphins and, in the winter time, whales.

Sand Dunes Sky Tour or Chileno Beach: Smooth or Extreme

The sand dunes

30 minute tour. 1 Passenger $250-US (under 200 pounds). 1 Passenger (200-250 pounds) $280-US.

It includes the Land's End Sky Tour. Then, we will fly above the line of the Pacific Coast to continue toward the new hotel area. We will see the new and the old lighthouse. Right after we will go to the area of the spectacular sand dunes where Brad Pitt's movie, "Troy," was filmed. The view from here it's comparable to the Sahara Desert! In between the sand dunes and the ocean it is located the newest golf course the Diamond.

The passengers choose their preferred type of flying above the sand dunes.
Smooth: We fly on a straight line above the dunes, calmly admiring their beauty.
Extreme: We fly one meter above the dunes, following their shape closely, from the highest dune down to the ocean level. For adrenaline lovers, this makes the best part of the trip.

Diamonds of Los Cabos Sky Tour: Smooth or Extreme

Santa Maria Bay

45 minute tour. 1 Passenger $350-US (under 200 pounds). 1 Passenger (200-250 pounds) $390-US.

We will visit: 1. The Arch. 2. The Dunes 3. Santa Maria Bay 4. Chileno Beach

It includes packages Land's end sky tour and Sand dunes sky tour. After, we will fly above the Mar de Cortés, the touristic corridor, where we will admire the Hotel zone of Punta Ballena and the Faro. We will see the famous golf course Cabo del Sol, "Santa Maria Beach," and "Rock Island." Then we will continue toward "Chileno Beach," the golf course of Chileno Bay and from there we will admire the Cañon del tule.

Kings Sky Tour: Smooth or Extreme

Melia Cabo Real Beach

60 minute tour. 1 Passenger $400-US (under 200 pounds). 1 Passenger (200-250 pounds) $450-US.

This tour includes the Land's end sky tour and Diamonds of Los Cabos Sky Tour. After we will continue through the touristic corridor until we find the famous beach at Hotel "Meliá Cabo Real." We'll fly in front of the Golf Club El Dorado and the original construction of the hotel "Westin Regina." After we will fly over Punta Palmilla, its golf club and it beaches. We will also see the golf club of FONATUR, the hotel area of San José del Cabo, the beautiful Estero and the modern marina of Puerto los Cabos.